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Simple Donation Options

Membership Benefits

When you donate, you get the personal satisfaction of supporting PBS Fort Wayne’s educational mission. In addition, you’ll also receive:

  • Access to PBS Fort Wayne Passport which offers extended access to a digital library of PBS programming
  • PBS Fort Wayne’s Monthly Primetime program listings via email, plus our quarterly member magazine, PREVIEWS mailed to your home!
  • Member discount for special event tickets

Questions? Please call 260-484-8839 or email membership@wfwa.org

Thank You Gift FAQs and Refund Policy

On average, you will receive your thank you gift 6 – 8 weeks after you fulfill your pledge. Some items may arrive sooner; however, it can take up to 12 weeks. We order thank you gifts weekly throughout the year; however, national demand for an item may slow down our distributors and cause delays in our ability to mail your thank you gift. If it has been longer than 8-12 weeks and you have not received your thank you gift, contact membership@wfwa.org or call 260-484-8839 for the status of your thank you gift.

As a public television station, PBS Fort Wayne relies on community support for a great deal of our funding. The videos, DVDs, CDs, books, or other items we offer during our on-air fundraising campaigns are intended as a “thank you” gift for supporting the station with a donation, not as a retail transaction. To encourage viewers to become members of the station, we suggest various pledge levels and offer the individual items or packages as incentives to contribute at that level. These items allow us to give members something tangible for their donation in support of our programming.

If you open your gift and discover that it is the wrong item or is damaged, just re-pack it and mark the package “Return to Sender.”

Contact our membership department at membership@wfwa.org or call 260-484-8839 to receive a replacement.

Due to the cost of the purchase of thank you gifts and the cost of credit card transactions, PBS Fort Wayne has a no refund policy.