The Mississippi — America’s
defining river — reaches far beyond
the Deep South. Its fingers stretch
into nearly half of the USA, from
frozen waterfalls and coyotes fishing
in the far north, to time-travelling
grain barges and steamy southern
swamps where alligators rule.

June 16 • 8PM

Rivers Of Life:


What makes eagles so remarkable?
Researchers study one special bird,
revealing her exceptional strength,
eyesight, and flying skills. Meanwhile,
in-the-nest footage of a new bald
eagle family captures the drama of
chicks struggling to survive.

June 16 • 9PM

Eagle Power

The Rockies stretch 3000 miles
and is one of the great mountain
ranges of the world. It is home to
cougar, wolverine, wolves, and
grizzly. Daredevil wingsuit fliers
jump from high peaks and Native
Americans compete in
breakneck horse races.

June 16 • 10PM

Of The Sky:


Discover the story of a dreaded
disease that gripped the nation in
fear, leaving thousands paralyzed:
Polio. The film weaves personal
accounts of polio survivors with the
story of the ardent crusader who
tirelessly fought against it.

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The Polio

Watch this special undercover
report from China’s secretive
Xinjiang region. Investigating the
Communist regime’s mass
imprisonment of Muslims, and
its use and testing of sophisticated
surveillance technology against
the population.

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