Old House,
New Supports
THUR Aug 11 • 8pmThe old flooring system is replaced with
a new one using ledgers and joists. The
homeowners explore tile options. An old
porch is saved and is tied into the new
construction. A web of steel I-beams and
roof trusses are installed.
Father’s Day
THUR Aug 11 • 8:30pmAsk This Old House team members
talk about their fathers as mentors;
Richard and Ross explain airflow in
buildings; Tom finishes a baseball
bat display case.
Season 2
Episode 1
THUR Aug 11 • 9pmBroadchurch is in turmoil as the accused
killer of Daniel Latimer goes to trial.
Meanwhile, Alec Hardy questions
the Sandbrook case.
THUR Aug 11 • 10pmSee how Diana defied expectations
and evolved into one of the most
a impactful icons of our time. Look
aback on her life through a
acontemporary lens that credits her
a choices, suffering and triumphs
aas the ultimate disrupter for a
ageneration of women.
Dogs In
The Land
of Lions
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NATURE takes viewers into the heart
of an African wild dog family. Witness
the loyalty and selflessness that sets
wild dogs apart from other large, social
carnivores in this deeply intimate
portrayal of motherhood.
Big BangUniverse Revealed:Click or Tap On
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The most interesting journey you’ll take
this summer: Venture back to the birth
of space and time as NOVA probes
the mystery of the Big Bang.
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Embark with Steve to the remotest parts
of the planet in search of precious
natural wonders. From Saudi Arabia
to Kamchatka, Steve and his team
unearth the secrets of an ancient
civilization and discovers wildlife more
at risk than ever before.