Borneo, the third largest island
on Earth, may seem like a
paradise but its harsh landscape
proves a struggle to survive.
These challenges allow the island
to host a greater diversity of life
than almost any other island.

September 23 • 8PM


Writing shaped civilization itself, from
the trading of goods to tales of ancient
goddesses and kings. Follow the
evolution of the written word, from
millennia-old carvings in an Egyptian
turquoise mine to our
modern-day alphabets.

September 23 • 9PM

A to Z:

The First Alphabet

In this episode, discover
why our auto-pilot biases against
"them" are tearing our country
apart - and how you can
help fix that.

September 23 • 10PM

Us vs. Them

Your Mind:

FRONTLINE investigates the
lives and characters of Joe Biden
and Donald Trump as they
compete to be president. Those
who know them best reveal key
moments that made both men
and shape how they might lead
America through a time of crisis.

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The Choice

Trump vs. Biden

See a moving and meaningful picture of families in America today and the way these relationships
shape us. Families of all shapes and sizes give us a look into their lives.

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