Henry Louis Gates, Jr. retraces the ancestral journeys of
David Chang and Raúl Esparza, whose families fled their homelands,
leading them to find lost parts of themselves along the way.

January 18 • 8pm

Children Of Exile

Go behind the scenes of Broadway
as shows reunite, rehearse and
re-stage for their long-awaited
reopening nights while the theater
industry learns how to turn the lights
back on after its longest hiatus in
history due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

January 18 • 9pm

The Broadway Revival


Learn how trafficking in conspiracy
theories went from the fringes of U.S.
politics into the White House. This
program focuses on the alliance of
conspiracy entrepreneur Alex Jones,
Trump advisor Roger Stone, the
former President himself, and their role
in the battle over truth and lies.

January 18 • 10pm

United States
of Conspiracy

Get wowed by wonders at Wadsworth
Mansion including a 1953 D’Angelico
guitar, a couture ball gown made
around 1885 and Larry Bird
game-worn sneakers. Can you guess
which is valued at $190,000?

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Hour 3

Watch wow-worthy West Fargo
appraisals at Bonanzaville such as a
1919 Babe Ruth Home Run Record
award, an 1876 Centennial Exhibition
sketchbook and a mother-of-pearl button
suit made around 1970. Which is the
top find of the hour?

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Hour 3

A white filmmaker sets out to
document students of color enrolled
in Boston’s Clemente Course in the
Humanities. He finds out that when it
comes to exploring the city's history
of racism and gentrification, it’s his
own education he needs to reckon with.

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A Reckoning
In Boston