Discover the truth about the
infamous weasel, often associated
with unsavory behavior. Do these
critters deserve their bad
reputation? Follow the adventures
of a first-time weasel mom, the
fearless honey badger and
a tiny orphan weasel.

February 24 • 8PM

The Mighty

NOVA invites you to follow along as NASA embarks
on the latest the Mars Mission. Just last week,
the spacecraft blazed into the Martian atmosphere
and lowered the Perseverance Rover into a dried-up
river delta scientists think could have harbored life.

Wednesday, February 24 • 9PM

The Danube is the largest
preserved wetland on the
continent, a sanctuary for
thousands of species - many are
the last of their kind.
Conservationists are working to
preserve and restore these
precious habitats before
it’s too late.

February 24 • 10PM


Henry Louis Gates, Jr. uncovers the remarkably
diverse backgrounds of country music icons
Clint Black and Rosanne Cash.

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Country Roots

Discover how the Black church
expanded its reach to address
social inequality and minister to
those in need, from the
Jim Crow South to the heroic
phase of the civil rights movement
and the Black church’s role
in the present.

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The Black

This Is Our Story,
This Is Our Song
Part 2