FRI Feb 3 • 9pmHour one explores how free Black people,
in the North and South, built towns,
established schools, held conventions -
creating robust networks to address the
political, economic, and social needs
of the entire Black community.
FRI Feb 3 • 10pmHour two explores how African Americans
turn within, creating a community that not
only sustains but empowers. From
HBCUs to Black businesses to the
Harlem Renaissance to political
organizations, Black life flourished.
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Feb. 6
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Newburyport:Off-the-Shelf Custom LookSAT Feb 4 • 9:30amAs construction nears an end, the yard
gets planted. Inside, a custom home
office is built from off-the-shelf materials.
The old floors are reused on the
second floor. An EV charger is installed,
and the front door gets a
high-sheen finish.
Fire Pit Plan,
SAT Feb 4 • 10amTom repairs a homeowner’s antique
window; Mauro talks through interior
paint finishes; Jenn and Mark travel to
Georgia to help a homeowner develop
a landscape design plan for her small
backyard. Then, they help her install
a stone fire pit.
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Carnival is approaching and everyone
begins to prepare enthusiastically for
the event at the Academy. Meanwhile,
Teresa still doesn't know how to
approach Roberta and Flavia is torn up
over her pregnancy.