Series Premiere
TUE July 5 • 9pm
This new series follows the bestselling
author and podcaster as he explores
the country’s diverse landscapes to
see how they shape the way we work,
play and interact with the outdoors.
From coal miners turned beekeepers
in Appalachia to Black surfers catching
waves in L.A., uncover a deeper
understanding of our relationship
with the natural world.
Series Premiere
TUE July 5 • 9pm
Follow a millennial Muslim American
couple on a cross-country journey
along historic Route 66. As they
meet new friends and explore more
than a dozen stops, Mona and
Sebastian weave a colorful story
about what it means to be Muslim
in America today.
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Celebrate our country’s 246th birthday with musical performances by top stars from pop, country, R&B,
classical and Broadway featuring the National Symphony Orchestra under the direction of premier
pops conductor Jack Everly. Hosted by country star Mickey Guyton.
Episode 3:
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Lucian and his friend, Nish, run into
trouble with Danioni's Blackshirts.
Constance is encouraged to make more
of her appearance by the hotel's most
worldly guest, Claudine Pascal, while
Bella throws a tea party for the locals.
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In the cold of winter, the team is called
to investigate the violent killing of an
Oxford college don. Thursday receives
news that creates tension at home.