Tom and Jeff build a section of a
coffered ceiling. Jenn watches as
local granite is cut to size. Richard
reviews the complex septic system
as it goes in. In Ohio, Kevin learns
how the interior doors are built.
Back in Westerly, a door is installed.

August 13 • 8PM

The Doors

Heath replaces a standard toggle
switch with a reproduction antique
push button switch to match the
rest of the house; Ross travels to
Albany, New York to explore ways to
make drilling for and installing
geothermal heat pumps more
affordable for average homeowners.

August 13 • 8:30pm


By June 1944, there are signs on
both sides of the world that the tide
of the war is turning. On D-Day, a
million and a half Allied troops
embark on the invasion of France.
In the Pacific, the island hopping
campaign is underway, with the enemy
determined to defend to the death
every piece of territory they hold.

August 13 • 9:00pm

Pride of
Our Nation

Go undercover with a film crew
on a perilous journey to the
untouched wilderness of
biodiversity in the Amazon
rainforest. Meet some of the
most incredible creatures, from
pygmy marmosets to pumas,
as the wild secrets of the jungle
are revealed.

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in the Jungle

Stunning new archaeological
evidence provides clues about the
Egyptians who built the Great
Pyramid of Giza—and how they did
it. Join researchers as they delve
into the logbook of a work crew and
discover how the massive project
transformed Egypt.

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The Great

The forces of nature have kept Earth on
the move since it was formed billions
of years ago. Though we can’t feel the
motion, we experience the
consequences – from tidal bores
surging through the Amazon rainforest
to the ruinous power of hurricanes.

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