30th Anniversary
TUE June 6 • 8pmIn this special, gain access to some
of America's best railway adventures,
from the Rocky Mountaineer to the
Skyrail. These stories offer a glimpse
into our nation’s railroad history and
explore how railroads defined
the spirit of North America.
TUE June 6 • 10pmCombining glorious video footage from
the Emerald Isle, fascinating travel
destinations, exciting cultural
experiences, and performances from
popular Irish artists and rising stars,
this special uncovers the hidden
treasures and majestic beauty of
this breathtaking country.
A Life in SongTUE June 6 • 8pm
On Explore
Celebrate the late legendary songwriter
in this stunning tribute from 2015 at
London’s Royal Festival Hall. The
concert captures the magic of
Bacharach’s timeless classics with
live performances from a stellar
lineup of artists.
At Symphony
Center, Chicago
TUE June 6 • 9:30pm
On Explore
Join the legendary singer and civil rights
icon for a one-night only, hometown
performance for the ages. Staples
brings her iconic smoky sound to
Orchestra Hall in a scintillating evening
of soul, gospel and her
signature brand of R&B.
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WED June 7 • 8pmExplore Costa Rica, one of the most
biodiverse places on the planet. From
rainforests to volcanos, tiny architects
and caretakers at the heart of this vast
wildlife diversity keep this ecological
giant running: the hummingbirds.
The Hole Story
WED June 7 • 9:30pmGet an intimate look at what makes
woodpeckers so special. With over
240 species of woodpeckers identified,
explore their unique evolutionary
journey and the powerful role they play
in every ecosystem except
Antarctica and Australia.