Join a musical world tour with Puerto Rican
superstar Residente as he presents songs
from his globe-spanning solo debut and
hits from his “Calle 13” catalog.
Also airs at 9PM and 11PM on
PBS Fort Wayne Explore.

July 11 • 11PM


Pack your bags for adventure-filled
trips alongside some of Create's top
travelers such as Samantha Brown,
Darley Newman, Colleen Kelly and
Mickela Mallozzi. Showcase blocks
air Saturday beginning at 10AM
and Sunday beginning at 12 PM.

Create TV's Weekend

Summer Of

Just three challenges lie between the
three finalists and the trophy. And what
a trio of challenges they are: mastery of
a classic pastry technique that normally
takes a day — in just three hours; a
Technical test that requires mastering
the basics — with no recipe; and a
Showstopper that demands perfection.

Sunday, July 12 • 8PM

Festival of Finales

Season 1 Finale

When Will finds two boys
near death, he must face up
to his part in their tragedy, while
unearthed secrets prove to be
the hardest test of his faith yet.

July 12 • 8PM

Season 5
Episode 5

John learns that Margaret left Delhi.
John and Daniel come to blows
over Daniel’s relationship with the
beautiful servant Chanchal. A
betrayal leads to
further trouble for John.

July 12 • 10PM

Episode 5

Explore the stories of pioneering
women in American politics who
advocated for suffrage and civil rights
over 100 years ago, including the
first women in the U.S. Congress
and State Senate, and a co-founder
of the NAACP.

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The Changemakers


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by PBS, that are focused on issues of race, and racism in America.

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