Premieres TONIGHT
8:00pm & 10:00pm

Boxer Cassius Clay rises up the
amateur ranks to win gold at the
1960 Olympics. He turns pro,
sharpening his boxing skills and
honing his genius for self-promotion.
In 1964, he upsets Sonny Liston to
become heavyweight champion.

Sunday, Sept. 19
8:00pm & 10:30pm

Round One:
The Greatest

Create kicks off Hispanic Heritage
Month with a special marathon of
Pati's Mexican Table! Join chef
Pati Jinich on her culinary adventures
through Mexico as encounters, then
recreates, authentic
south-of-the-border dishes.

Showcase Block airs
Sunday, beginning at Noon

Pati's Food
& Fiesta

Weekend Showcase

Enjoy this special encore of protest
soul classics from John Legend &
the Roots’ Grammy-winning LP,
"Wake Up!" Originally broadcast in
2011, the hour-long episode features
“Wake Up Everybody,” “Compared to
What” and “Ordinary People.”

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John Legend
and the Roots:
Wake Up!

Experience Hans Christian Andersen’s
 dark fairytale from acclaimed director-
choreographer Matthew Bourne with
this Olivier Award-winning stage
adaptation starring Ashley Shaw, 
Adam Cooper, Dominic North 
and Michaela Meazza.

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The Red