Follow the story of a leopard
mother as she raises her cubs
near the Luangwa River, facing
a constant battle to hunt
successfully, defend her territory
and protect her cubs
against enemies.

April 14 • 8PM

The Leopard

Women make up less than a
quarter of STEM professionals
in the United States, and numbers
are even lower for women of color.
But a growing group of researchers
is exposing longstanding
discrimination and making
science more inclusive.

April 14 • 9PM

Picture A

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. traces ancestors of actor John Lithgow and
journalist Maria Hinojosa who thrived in North America long
before the birth of the United States.

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The New World

Examine the 1992 FBI siege at Ruby Ridge that helped launch the modern militia movement
through eyewitness accounts, including Randy Weaver’s daughter and
federal agents involved in the deadly confrontation.

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FRONTLINE Investigates the rising
threat of far-right violence in
America. With ProPublica, this
report exposes the individuals
and ideologies behind a wave of
crimes, culminating in the
January 2021 attack on the
United States Capitol.

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