experts as they visit with author
Marc Brown, chef Carla Hall,
humorist John Hodgman, and
musicians Rubén Blades and
Luba Mason to learn the stories
and discover the values of their
personal collections.

Monday, May 10 • 8PM

Hour 2


Travel with ROADSHOW as it
turns the spotlight on incredible
items with Asian and Pacific
Islands origins, including a
Hawaiian kou bowl, a Ghandi
presentation spinning wheel and
an 1888 Joesph Nawahi painting.

Monday, May 10 • 9PM


Explore the personal cost of our
modern economy through the
stories of two working mothers
and a childcare provider, whose
lives intersect at a 24-hour
daycare center in New Rochelle,
New York.

Monday, May 10 • 10PM

The Night

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Premieres Tuesday, May 11 • 8PM

Within six months of taking power,
Hitler begins dismantling the
German State. The Nazis have the
power to ban free speech, books
are burned, and Jewish people,
gay people and those
holding anti-Nazi beliefs
begin to disappear.

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The First Six
Months In Power

Rise Of
The Nazis

America enters the war, and Olav
arrives from England. Missy grows
suspicious of ties between
Roosevelt and Martha, as does
Olav. Meanwhile, a dastardly
Nazi plot unfolds.

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The Giant

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The Nazis have taken over Paris
—and Webster and Albert’s world,
while the Gestapo has tightened
its grip on Berlin—and the
Rosslers. Lois get a tender offer
of love and Harry gets a top-secret
offer that’s likely to get him killed.

Episode 6

May 18, 2021 • 4PM

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