PBS Fort Wayne needs your feedback!

Our community makes us who we are, and that’s why we want to hear from viewers like you!  We would be grateful if you could answer a short survey and let us know what you think about the station. What you tell us will help our work to draft a new strategic framework, develop our local programs and outreach, and improve our future community service. This survey happens now through midnight June 7, 2022.

PBS Fort Wayne has partnered with the Community Research Institute (CRI) and the Center for Social Research (CSR) at Purdue University Fort Wayne to conduct our community survey. These organizations have many years of experience conducting research and providing actionable information for local organizations. A new strategic framework for PBS Fort Wayne will be brought to our board of directors for approval in November 2022. We’ll share the final document here our website at that time.

As our viewers and supporters, we care and value what you think. We appreciate your time and survey responses and assure you of our best services.

Thank you for helping us make PBS Fort Wayne even better!

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Survey ends at Midnight, June 7, 2022.

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Survey ends at Midnight, June 7, 2022.