New Heights
WED Sept 27 • 8pmOregon is known for its wild coastline
and misty forests. Embracing this
incredible variety, Baratunde embraces
forest bathing, goes spearfishing to
discover underwater kelp forests, rides
along with cowboys on the cutting edge
of sustainable ranching and rollerblades
through Portland.
WED Sept 27 • 9pmThe Gay Head Lighthouse, a historic
landmark perched high on the cliffs of
Martha's Vineyard, is soon to become
the next victim of the persistent erosion
of the island's cliffs. Join engineers
as they race to rescue this
national treasure.
IceWED Sept 27 • 10pmAt the planet's frozen extremes, shifts
in animal movement and behavior
reveal vital information about our future
world. Examine polar bears in the
Arctic, penguins in Antarctica and other
animals surviving in icy worlds.
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Edward Stierle's dedication, talent and enthusiasm for
dance made him a legend in the ballet community.
In this special, watch the Fort Wayne Ballet perform three
of Steirle's works in their entirety and learn about his life,
featuring an interview with his sister, Rose Worton.
Part 2:
Love and Loss
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Follow Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera's
journey to America as they achieve
celebrity, and Frida experiences tragic
losses with the death of her mother
and a miscarriage, inspiring her to
create some of her most powerful
and iconic paintings.
Frida Kahlo
Putin vs.
The Press
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This is the story of one journalist's battle
to defend free speech in Putin’s Russia.
With unique access, the film follows
Nobel prize-winner Dmitry Muratov as he
fights to keep his newspaper alive and
his reporters safe amid a
government crackdown.