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The arts are all around us! Join host Emilie Henry each week for stories and discoveries from our region’s vibrant and growing arts scene.


  • Sculptor: Cary Shafer
  • Music Director & Conductor, Fort Wayne Philharmonic: Andrew Constantine

Show Details:

We visited the studio of sculptor and classically trained stone carver, Cary Shafer (Studio611), where we were in awe of the unique talent, skill, and creativity that goes in to his work. We also sat down with the Music Director & Conductor at the Fort Wayne Philharmonic, Andrew Constantine, and got an in depth look at the art of conducting an orchestra.

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Title Episode Description Length Premiere Date Recurring Dates Link Blog Posts
Sculptor Cary Shafer | Conductor Andrew Constantine S4-E406 Local Arts 26:46 3/2/17
Elizabeth Mikautadze – Mikautadze Dance Theatre | Costume Designer Craig Humphrey S4-E405 Local Arts 26:46 2/23/17
Jonah Crismore – Executive Director, Cinema Center | Graffiti artist Ryan Evans S4-E404 Local Arts 26:46 2/16/17
Fused glass artist Kathy Watson | Musician Scotty Knepple S4-E403 Local Arts 26:46 2/9/17
Justin Lim – Old 5 and Dime Sign Company | Storyteller Lou Ann Homan S4-E402 Local Arts 26:46 2/2/17
Mike Woodruff – Owner, Old Crown Coffee Roasters | Performer Josh Zacher S4-E401 Local Arts 26:46 1/26/17
Singer/Performer Christopher Kale Jones | Bakery Artist Krysta Walsh Young S3-E313 Local Arts 26:46 12/22/16
Drum Maker Bernie Stone S3-E312 Local Arts 26:46 12/15/16
Mixed Media Artist Chuck Springer | Performer Leslie Wood Beauchamp S3-E311 Local Arts 26:46 12/8/16
Painter Jerrod Tobias | The Narwhal and the Manatee | Photographer Rob Borel S3-E310 Local Arts 26:46 11/17/16
Painter Nazar Harran | Newman’s Psychedelic Liquid Light Show S3-E309 Local Arts 26:46 11/3/16
Winemaker Eric Harris | Lighting Designer Cory Lee S3-E308 Local Arts 26:46 10/27/16
Printmaker Julie Wall | Filmmaker Scott Carelli S3-E307 Local Arts 26:46 10/20/16
Alexandra Hall | Shakespearemachine S3-E306 Local Arts 26:46 10/13/16
The Golden Owners/Chefs | Fatima Washington S3-E305 Local Arts 26:46 10/6/16
Stylist Terra Soto | Architect Michael Gouloff S3-E304 Local Arts 26:46 9/29/16
Taste of the Arts | Candy Pease | Linn Bartling S3-E303 Local Arts 26:46 9/22/16
Dick Stoner | Renee Gonzales S3-E302 Local Arts 26:46 9/15/16
John Leavell | DJ Barrage & DJ Polaris S3-E301 Local Arts 26:46 9/8/16
Sweets So Geek | Musician Sunny Taylor S2-E213 Local Arts 26:46 5/19/16
Mike Hebor of Cabot Guns | Artist Frank Louis Allen S2-E212 Local Arts 26:46 4/28/16
Woodworker Bill Steffen | Author Claire Ewart S2-E211 Local Arts 26:46 4/7/16
Glass Artist Marcia Gabet | Gary Birch & Hagan Amburgey of Old Fort Soap Company S2-E210 Local Arts 26:46 3/31/16
Takaoka of Japan Manager John SeCheverell | Graphic Designer Brandon Peat S2-E209 Local Arts 26:46 3/24/16
Sculptor Sayaka Ganz | Former Indiana Poet Laureate George Kalamaras S2-E208 Local Arts 26:46 3/3/16
Natalie Bell-Kearney | Cueca Dancers Francisco & Julie Townsend S2-E207 Local Arts 26:46 2/25/16
David Tomaszewski – Summit City Brewerks | Musician Staci Stork S2-E206 Local Arts 26:46 2/18/16
Musician Derek Brown | Kinetic Artist Jim Merz S2-E205 Local Arts 26:46 2/11/16
dAnce.Kontemporary | Fiddler Sean Ellsworth-Hoffman S2-E204 Local Arts 26:46 2/4/16
Charles Shepard | Maxamillian Meyer S2-E203 Local Arts 27:16 1/21/15
Eran Park, The Glass Park | Kristine Papillon, Crumpet the Trumpet | Patrick Tanesky, Hops and Harvest S2-E202 Local Arts 26:46 1/14/16
Jane Applegate, TekVenture | John Byrne, Fort Wayne Dance Collective S2-E201 Local Arts 26:46 1/7/16
Jennifer Dodds Fox, FoxSea Skin | Matthew Katinsky, FW Traditional Music & Dance Society S1-E113 Local Arts 26:46 12/10/15
Amber Foster, Artlink | Stacey Kuster, FW Traditional Music & Dance Society S1-E112 Local Arts 26:46 12/3/15
Eunice Wadewitz – Music & Education Director, FW Civic Theatre | Jen Schafer – Henna Artist, Henna Muse S1-E111 Local Arts 26:46 11/19/15
Bryant Hinsch, Jeweler | Maurice Papier, Mixed-Media Artist S1-E110 Local Arts 26:46 11/12/15
Moscow Ballet – Olena Nalyvaiko & Mariia Skoruk | Cartoonist Steve Smeltzer S1-E109 Local Arts 25:46 11/5/15
Cathy Brand-Beere | David Kirk | Lois Levihn S1-E108 Local Arts 26:46 10/29/15
The Gift of Hope; Short Film | Robert Shoquist, Technical Director, IPFW Department of Theatre S1-E107 Local Arts 26:46 10/22/15
Allison Ballard, Fort Wayne Taiko | Audrey Riley, Mixed-Media Artist S1-E106 Local Arts 26:46 10/15/15
Kevin Eubanks, Jazz Guitarist and Composer S1-E105 Local Arts 26:46 10/08/15
Steve Perry, Scenic Artist | Chia-Hsuan Lin, Assistant Conductor FW Philharmonic S1-E104 Local Arts 26:16 10/01/15
Studio 13 Tattoo | Anna Lee Huber S1-E103 Local Arts 26:46 9/23/15
Wunderkammer Company | Diane Allen Groenert S1-E102 Local Arts 25:25 9/17/15
Taste of the Arts | Adam Strack | Karen Gibbons-Brown S1-E101 Local Arts 26:46 9/10/15