Check out the love local students & families are sharing for their favorite teachers!

Thank you Mrs. Quinn and Mrs. Saylor for being awesome teachers! I miss you very much!

– Noah K. , Fort Wayne

Mr. Thomson works with 6, 7, 8 graders and brings out their best!  The kids put out a jazz sound that is amazing.  They get great recognition at festivals they attend at Purdue West Lafayette, Ball State, etc.  For his tireless energy and enthusiasm, he deserves a sincere thank you from his kids and their parents.

-Matt Williams, Fort Wayne

Thank you for coming to Woodlan and being my teacher. I had a lot of fun in class and you have taught me a lot. Thank you for taking so much time and caring so much about me. I will miss you and I hope you have a good summer.

-Bam, Woodburn, IN

I miss you so much!

-Charlie C. , Fort Wayne

Hello & Thank You to Teachers & Staff at St Joseph School!

Love, Ethan & Alexander

-S. Roebel, Fort Wayne

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to your students!

-C. Werth, Roanoke

Thank you Mrs. Walker. You have made this whole experience tolerable and fun for everyone! Thanks for all that you do!!

 – E. Conner , Fort Wayne, IN

Mrs. Weidner is a shining light in Evelyn’s eyes. She especially loves and misses Mrs. Weidner. As of today, we get to connect via eLearning, but my daughter says it’s not the same. I would agree with her. Teachers have a tough job and they are so influential in the lives of our little ones. Mrs. Weidner is so loving and especially caring, which is so apparent in times likes we are experiencing now. Pre-K can be such a scary time, with so many 1st happening in the classroom. Evelyn never shy’s away from sharing how much fun she has and is very open to sharing her favorite part of her day with us. Mrs. Weidner is wonderful and we are so incredibly thankful for her heart and love.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to you!

 – Love, The Ortega Family (Evelyn)

Thank you Mrs. Lohmuller and Mrs. Passino for being my amazing teachers! I miss you very much!

 -Ethan K. Fort Wayne

All Teachers Everywhere:

A Big Thank You for teaching in circumstances beyond your training and expectations.

Teachers will come and go
But the impact you leave, you may never know.

Your kind words and smile
May be all one needs on a given day

To give confidence and encouragement
To continue their studies and stay.

 – N. Ross, Fort Wayne

Thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do!

– T. Froelich, Fort Wayne

Thank you, Mrs. Decker for taking the time to have a story time each night, often with guest speakers, during these unprecedented times!  And thank you for going above and beyond to make our daughter’s birthday so special with the surprise art and gifts for her!

A. Martin, Fort Wayne

Thank you for helping our children grow. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives. Thank you for always listening wholeheartedly to the parents…it means the world to us know to know our children are with a teacher who gives 100% everyday!

–  The Bucher Family (H. Bucher) Fort Wayne

Thank you for working so hard for our students everyday. You are amazing!

Love from the Quinn Family,

-D. Quinn, Fort Wayne

Thank you does not even begin to cover it! This was the last year this class had to walk through these halls, eat and play in this gym together. For many, this has been their constant, for more than a decade of their young lives. And then one day, it was just over.
You have gone above and beyond what I would expect any good teacher to do. That’s because you’ve been so much more. You’re a role model, a spiritual companion in their journey of faith, a human who has genuinely cared about their well being while being away from their normal lives. Your compassion for them is a true blessing to us, the PB family as whole. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being present and being you!!

-J. Albert, Fort Wayne

We miss you, Mrs. Bentley!

-Beau, Fort Wayne

We miss you Mrs. Federspiel!

– C. Gorman, Fort Wayne

I miss you so much!
– Izabel, Fort Wayne

Here is a shout out to all the Most Precious Blood teachers! They are all wonderful. As I am her Assistant, I have a special “Thank You” to Mrs. Lohmuller. We would all rather be in the classroom. 

-C. Passino, Churubusco 

Thank you for your flexibility, patience, and kindness.

We appreciate you!


I miss you, I miss you, I miss you!!!!!

-Sam C. , Fort Wayne

I lived with a teacher for a number of years. The time she spent during “normal times” was incredible. I have the utmost respect for the dedication of teachers. Thank you for hanging in there through this pandemic!

– C. Perry, Fort Wayne

You are an amazing teacher! You brighten the day of so many Kindergartners. You are the foundation of many children’s education. You suffered the loss of your best friend this year and during Covid19 lockdown. A social distancing hug is not near enough. He is missed! The strength you have shown during your heartbreaking loss has taught your students compassion, resilience, and determination. We have gratitude for all your love and dedication to teaching. THANK YOU!

– Ingrid N. , Columbia City, IN

She is awesome! She teaches the kids sign language as she’s teaching her normal day to day stuff. She’s gone above and beyond hand delivering schoolwork to her entire class. She does zoom meetings to read to her kids on the days there is no e-learning. She truly cares about her students and what’s going on in their lives!

– Ellen F. , Leo

Thank you for your patience, flexibility, and kindness. We appreciate you!

-Hillary R., Huntertown

Thank you for all that you for us. You find fun activities each eLearning day and add extra games and activities. I have loved getting mail from you. You are a great teacher and I miss you!

-Greyson, Auburn

We should send a special teacher thank you to all the parents who are quarantined at home, working from home under stressful situations not knowing how long they’ll have a job, and most importantly for helping their children do E-Learning for months on end on top of their job often involving playing part IT person for the E-Learning hiccups, Tech Support staff member for keeping all the electronic devices (theirs and their kids) up and running, and teacher for helping their kids do their learning…again, all while trying to work full time themselves with the ever looming threat of job loss hanging over their heads. 

– Gabriel M, Fort Wayne 

Mrs. Yahi!  Thank you for being such a great teacher and stepping up to the challenges facing us. You are awesome!!

– Christine F, Fort Wayne

We are over the moon for our teachers and miss them so!  Thanks for all you do, Mrs. Lohmuller!!

 -The Warnick Family