Welcome to “Be My Neighbor” Summer Camp!

PBS Fort Wayne PNC Grow Up Great and Fred Rogers Productions are proud to bring this virtual Summer Camp experience to you, our neighbors! Our goal is to provide educational hands-on opportunities for you and your family to safely explore, learn, and grow with a different activity each day over a five day period.

Below are five days of summer camp activities for you and your family, plus a video to help guide you through each of the easy and safe crafts. Also listed day by day are PDF files of each day’s lesson to download and use as a guide.

Have fun learning and using these one at a time or all at once!

Summer Camp Video-Day One: BUGS

Craft: Make a Bug Jar

Materials/Tools you need: A mason-style jar with screw-on lid or clear plastic container; a rubber band; wax paper or scrap of fabric; scissors; grass, leaves, and twigs, paper towel, and a bug of your choice to observe (ladybug, stinkbug, or any bug).


  1.  Gather your supplies.
  2.  Make air holes in the wax paper or fabric for the top of the container
  3.  Put twigs, leaves and grass in your container.
  4.  Carefully and gently place your bug in the container
  5.  Place your wax paper or fabric lid over the top and secure it with a rubber band.
  6.  Observe your bug friends! Keep notes of what you see.
  7.  Finally, once your observations are done, let your bug friends go!

Summer Camp Video-Day Two: BIRDS

Craft: Make a Bird Feeder

Materials you need: A pine cone, toilet paper or paper towel roll. You can also use a stale piece of bread (set a piece out overnight and it will get hard).  You will also need peanut butter or honey, bird seed, & dental floss, wire, or string!

  1. Select a bird feeder base! You can use a pine cone, paper towel roll or a piece of old, stale bread.
  2. Run a wire, dental floss or string through your feeder. Be sure your two ends make a loop.
  3. Make it sticky! Coat the toilet paper roll or base with peanut butter or honey.
  4. Add your goodies! Roll the coated paper roll in birdseed, cranberries or raisins if you have them. Birds can even eat unsalted sunflower seeds or plain popcorn!
  5. Find a place to hang your bird feeder outside. Enjoy your view!

Now that you have a bird feeder to bring the birds, grab your binoculars, sit quietly and wait for them to eat. Can you recognize what kind of birds you see?

Summer Camp Video-Day Three: SHAPES

Craft: Tracing Shapes

Tools you need: Sidewalk chalk, rocks, leaves, or sticks. Be sure to put everything back where you found it when we’re done.

  1. Draw some shapes using sidewalk chalk on a sidewalk or patio. You can also do this activity inside on a large piece of cardboard.
  2. You can draw your school using a square and a triangle, or a tall building, using a rectangle and A circle can become the sun.We can even draw a kite using a diamond!
  3.  find your sticks, leaves, or rocks and place them around your shapes on the lines. You are tracing your shapes with objects!
  4. Do you recognize the shapes you made? Ask for your caregiver’s help – look for your circle, triangle, rectangle, or square.  All things are made of shapes!

Summer Camp Video-Day Four: FLOWERS

Craft: Flower Bookmark

Tools you need: 2 pipecleaners, two 1/2 pipecleaners, scissors

  1. Twist a full length pipe cleaner into flower petal shapes, looping the pipe cleaner around the middle.
  2. Twist the second full pipe cleaner into flower petal shapes.
  3. Twirl one of the 1/2 pipe cleaners around your finger to form a spring.
  4. Stack the two flowers on top of each other, then twist the spring around the center.
  5. Twist the second 1/2 pipe cleaner around the back to form the stem.

Summer Camp Video-Day Five: SOUND

Craft: Paper Plate Ukulele

Tools you need: 3 paper plates; 1 paint stir stick; and glue; 3 pieces of string, twine, or yarn 30” long (hint: put 3 pieces of paper end to end to measure – that’s 33”);  tape; crayons and/or colored pencils

  1. Decorate the backside of two of your paper plates. These will be the “body” of your ukulele.
  2. Cut a small crescent shape out of the side of one of the brown painted paper plates so that the two decorated plates will lie on top of one another.
  3. Cut out and color a circle from the third plate.
  4. Color the paint stir stick.
  5. Glue one end of the painted ruler to the unpainted side of the uncut paper plate. Secure the back with duct tape for added stability.
  6. Glue the second paper plate (with the crescent shape) on top of the stir stick and to a small part of the whole paper plate.
  7. Glue the small black circle to the front, covering the point where the two plates connect.
  8. Poke three small holes in the bottom plate.
  9. Thread one strand of twine/yarn through the front of each hole and secure each with a knot at the back of the plate.
  10. Pull your strings tight across the front of the ukulele and over the tip of the stir stick. Secure them by wrapping tape around the ruler. Make sure the tape captures the strings on the front and back of the stir stick.

Day 1: BUGS

On the first day of camp, we‛re going to find out what bugs live right here in our own backyard. We‛ll make a bug craft and show you how to make a snack that looks just like a bug you can eat.

Click Here to download a PDF of the lesson for Day One.

Day 2: BIRDS

Day Two will focus on our feathered friends, birds! Can you find all the birds by sitting quietly in your backyard? Learn how you can attract birds by making your own birdfeeder!

Click Here to download a PDF of the lesson for Day Two.


Math and art merge on the third day of camp. Learning colors and shapes helps understand math. Head outside and see what shapes you can find. Then, we‛ll do a craft and make something cool with shapes!

Click Here to download a PDF of the lesson for Day Three.


Learn about the different trees and flowers that are common to Indiana. Did you know that much of the food we eat starts as a seed?

Click Here to download a PDF of the lesson for Day Four.


Sound is produced when something vibrates. The vibrating causes (water, air, etc.) inside of something to create a sound. We‛ll make a musical craft and learn about sound!

Click Here to download a PDF of the lesson for Day Five.