Step 1:

Brainstorming Activity : a creative process for generating ideas that encourages quantity over quality and discourages criticism and evaluation. A key ingredient for success is allowing ideas to build on each other. Brainstorming is a very important decision-making skill, because it’s so effective at generating ideas to solve your problem.

Step 2:

Make a Story Plan: There are many parts to a story: Character and character(s) descriptions, setting: where the story takes place, problem and resolution: what are the problems the characters face and what happens in the story for the characters to overcome their problems (resolution)

Step 3:

Illustrate:  Illustrating your story is important. Make sure that the drawings you create match the story you tell. Sometimes, famous authors use artists for their book projects!

Step 4:

Story Checklist Revising Activity: Does my story have a beginning, middle and end? Does my story have enough information? Does my story make sense if I read it out loud? There are alot of pieces to a good story. Make sure your story is organized. Let others read it.