We invite you to check out Donkey Hodie – a NEW show on PBS Kids. Each episode has a different curriculum theme and your family can try out any of these games or activities!


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Curriculum theme: It’s ok to ask for help if I need it. / I can turn a problem into a fun challenge.

Family Flapjacks Activity: Families can work together to create their own yummy meal, be it flapjacks (otherwise known as pancakes!), or another favorite family dish. Involving kids in the cooking process helps reinforce social emotional skills like collaboration, cooperation, following step-by-step directions and waiting patiently for the end result. For fun kid friendly recipe ideas click here! 

Super Scooper Game: Play your own version of Super Scooper by using a spoon to transport a variety of items across a finish line. Suggested items to try include cotton ball, a ball, a balloon or a small toy. Talk about the challenges of transporting each one. Do you have to walk slowly or can you run? What happens if you try a different sized “scooper” like a sand shovel? Looking for more ways to learn?