There are more than 100 domestic
and wild kinds of rabbits and hares,
from snowshoe hares to Flemish
giants. Despite their remarkable ability
to reproduce, many wild rabbits are
in danger of being eradicated.

April 8 • 8PM


For generations, fat has been the enemy. But now,
scientists are coming to understand fat as a
fascinating and dynamic organ. Explore how fat plays
a role in hormone production and can even affect
hunger levels and a woman’s ability to get pregnant.

Wednesday, April 8 • 9PM

Follow a young Yazidi woman as she
searches for salvation in Iraq. Meet an
orthodox Christian who must deliver a
holy flame into the hands of his bishop
in Jerusalem. In Nepal, a Buddhist
painter battles the elements to honor
Buddha’s birthday.

Wednesday, April 8 • 10PM

Visions of the Divine


At Home

Learn about free educational
resources to help students
in grades K-12 achieve
educational milestones
while learning at home.

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Powerful personal stories and stunning
breakthroughs reveal the historical search for
the human genome and the promise of modern
research. Based on Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee’s
best-seller on how genes impact heredity,
disease and behavior.

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Part 1: Dawn of the
Modern Age
of Genetics

Dr. Jay Fawver hosts local mental health experts at the PBS Fort Wayne Studio
for a roundtable discussion on how the COVID-19 Pandemic may affect mental health.

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A special undercover report
from China’s secretive Xinjiang
region. Investigating the
Communist regime’s mass
imprisonment of Muslims, and its
use and testing of sophisticated
surveillance technology
against the population.

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